Tarot Artwork Writeups

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3 min readJan 24, 2023

The previous artwork writeup contest was well received by both the community and the artists. The Kolectiv community selected their favorite artworks among the various collections, and have put into words how their favorite pieces make them feel.

This time, we did it again for Tarot artwork. Entries have been submitted and the community has voted for the top 3 favourites:

1st place

‘The Star’ by Orabelart

Writeup by tokenocraft

“In every woman there is a universe”

Your inner light shine so bright

Just like the stars at night T

he universe is endless and infinite

Just like your passions and your thoughts

Let’s explore and cherish them both

While we still wander on earth

For in every woman there is a universe

A universe of beauty, wonder, and purpose

Each woman carries with herself a vast array of experiences, thoughts, emotions and beliefs just like the vast expanse of the universe. The inner light within them shines the brightest when they are cared for and cherished. Each and every one of us have the potential to be a source of inspiration, wonder and discovery like the universe. Each woman is a whole world unto herself, with her own unique perspectives, goals, desires and complexities. Let’s celebrate and recognize the worth of all the women and their invaluable contributions to this universe.


2nd place

‘The Devil’ by Dominik G

Writeup by Pdoddy

Our day ‘to day lives are shaped by the actions we take, and not always do we make these actions consciously. For behind the scenes, there is a driving force that urges us to take actions that are not always for the interest of others. Dating back to before humankind ever existed, a primal instinct to fend for ones-self, to be selfish, to be greedy. The source of these provoking thoughts can be attributed to one entity alone, the Devil. Nefarious decisions that play like reels in our minds, always reminding us of the misdeeds we partook in, the negative actions or words we have spoken. Like a puppeteer controls a puppet, the Devil controls our negative thoughts forces us to replay them in our heads, as if it is a never-ending nightmare. Portraying these thoughts into reality is his desire, his motive, his goal.


3rd place

‘The Sun’ by Ohne Hals

Writeup by myfleetingdream

She is my hope,

She wakes me up every morning with her golden smile, her warm spirit inspiring me to be alive and to cherish each second in the day.

She is my youth,

She sparks my inner child with her fiery gaze, reminding me what it feels like to be careless and free.

She is my lifeline,

She watches our lands, blessing the harvest to be plentiful to provide my family through the harsh winter.

She is my protector,

She casts her streams of light over my shoulders and through my hair, helping me fight my darkest oppressors.

She is my mother,

She warms when I am cold, she nurtures when I am vulnerable, she calms when I am scared.

She is my Sun,

she is my everything.


Again, thank you everyone for participating and we hope you enjoyed the writeups!