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11 min readJul 5, 2022

Sometimes, we get too tangled up in collecting NFTs that we forget what it’s all about: the art itself.

The Kolectiv community have selected their favorite artworks among the various collections, and have put into words how their favorite pieces make them feel.

“Beyond” by Orabelart

Writeup by Rashomon

Once upon a time, two women whose only crime was to love each other were banished from a dark and desolate land. In that land, rational thought had given way to irrational fears once compassion found itself crushed under the heels of hatred.

Exiled, the two lovers wandered aimlessly through hostile environments and perilous paths in the hopes of someday finding a place where they could just … Be.

Be themselves.

Be in love.

Be happy.

Be free.

They were told that such a place existed, in the great beyond.

And so they travelled, for days on end, with little comfort besides that which they gave one another. And so they walked, night and day, through arid deserts and frozen meadows, looking for a light that might guide them out of the darkness. As the days passed, their resolve broke down until all that remained was the echo of the hope they once shared.

When all seemed lost, their hearts filled with despair.

Only then did a light brighter than any they had ever seen before catch their eyes. Finally, the place they had been seeking all along revealead itself to them, beyond the grim shores of the lifeless beach.

And what a sight it was.

In this place, they saw the promise of a better future, the glimmering lights of opportunity, and the warm colours of their love.

A place that was as alive and accepting as the feelings they shared for one another.

A place that was the only vision of tomorrow that ever mattered to them.

For a moment, they stood there in disbelief as tears of relief ran down their cheeks.

Finally, beyond the darkness, they had found a home.

When all seems lost, never give up on hope. Hope for a vision of tomorrow. Hope for a place like “Beyond”.

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/orabelart
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/306

“Devolve” by natealex

Writeup by myfleetingdream

Devolve: Entropy. The inevitability of disorder that all living beings have fought against and defied since the beginning. But as we are still mortal, we cannot escape the fate of time. And just as the artist’s once perfect craft slowly but surely becomes nothing but random strokes of ink, we too, devolve into dust.

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/natealexnft
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/72

“Toe Painting” by Larienne

Writeup by Tokenocraft

When people think of witches, they think of old crones, with warts, frothing cauldrons, black cats and flying brooms. What they don’t think of is a young woman painting her toenails — a simple task that could easily be solved by magic, but that she diligently completes on her own. This witch has formidable powers, but she doesn’t need to use them when she doesn’t feel like it. This witch may have power, but she also has agency. She knows what she wants, when she wants it, and who she is. She has great powers, but she doesn’t abuse them. And for a moment, she seems just like anyone else. She’s just a girl, painting her toenails. When I see this witch, I see myself, painting my toenails before going to work. I see my best friend, painting her toenails before going to a party. I see my sister, painting her toenails before going to her wedding. I see all the incredible women who have shaped my life, and the rare moments of vulnerability where they cast their responsibilities aside to take a few minutes and pamper themselves. And it makes me smile.

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/lariennearts
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/219

“Daily Cycle” by Bananakin

Writeup by BlueCamo

Wake up, log on, check twitter, check discord, right-click, save-as, repeat.

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/bananakin
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/123

“Data Coffee” by DominikG

Writeup by ScottyD1976

This NFT makes me feel like I fit in and that i am standing there in a conversation with them, the three of us. I wonder what we would be talking about at this peculiar coffee machine that makes “hot data packages”. It’s obvious that the woman and the robot are very relaxed so we definitely enjoy each other’s company. I hope that we all go get a bite together once he unhooks himself but my guess is that the information coming from the coffee machine is important and will take awhile to collect and process.

It seems that astral projection would be quite difficult for a human, and rather impossible for a robot. Perhaps he is a test experiment for a company that specializes in Astral projection. A sort of pilot program that assists robots in leaving their mechanical bodies to perform the bidding of someone or something with far more sinister motives. He has certainly earned her trust, just how he wants it. A wolf in robots clothing!

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/GuembelDominik
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/316

“Spinal Tap” by JakeTheDegen

Writeup by Luckstaa

The artwork that has the most sentimental value for me is the Spinal Tap from Jake the Degen. He really is a great artist, and i hope i will get the chance to own more pieces from him.

The picture i sent is the picture of when i opened a VoT pack and unpacked both of them. It’s a artpiece i thought i would never own, and even less own two of.

The first thing i think about when i see this artpiece is that the face of the person is both black, beige, orange & red, which makes me think that the person in the picture could be anyone, no matter what color you’re skin is. So it’s up to the spectator to choose who it represents which i think its awsome.

The second thing is all the colors coming up from the back of the head like strings. For me, the different colors represents all the feelings that we have, happiness, sadness, anger, anticipation, fear, loneliness, jealousy, disgust to name a few. And the fact that they are like strings makes me think about the fact that feelings chance all the time, and they all have something to do with eachother. They intertwine and work togheter to make you feel the things you do, just like you can both be sad and mad at the same time, and when time passes, they fade away.

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/jakethedegen
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/279

“Founders Gold” by Kolectiv

Writeup by FreshiFresh1

As the stillness of the night laid silent. A light breeze could be heard. As if to mutter out light and raspy words. It seemed as if it were trying to whisper.

Faint, yet noticeable. Though, with what ever the words it was echoing out into it’s space, laid on deaf ears. Not a living creature around to hear… For maybe there was no possible

life at all? No trees nor grass. Nor stone, or water. Peace could be used to describe the lay of the land of which none seemed to be. Unknowingly, to the rest of the universe,

it has been this way for millennia and will continue to be. There is a light in the distance… A light, not known to the immediate library of time. A light, not from the balls

of gas from which light has been immitted over the span of existence. No, this is something new. From what seemed like a small glowing head of a pin sized object, is now the size of

grape, if it where held at an arms length. It grows with every second. Never slowing. Yet, never gaining speed. Just a quick continual motion in the path it ( what ever it is) has

chose. The size of a mini van, the object is no longer 1 object, but 5! 2 long, robust, golden pillars flanked on each side of what seemed to be a Goldin orb placed in the middle of

2 slightly oblong orbs. It does not change its course. Just floating, effortlessly threw the darkness. It’s glow grows brighter. Almost the size of a large apartment complex, the

object tracks on. Though, behind the masses there seems to be a tail or trail pulsing off the cluster. In no contemporary shape of its own the streak of two triangles interlocked

are what protrudes the blankness. Leaving something, in the nothingness.

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/KolectivGG
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/167

“Lambo Jesus” by Tristan Tait

Writeup by Ndoddwetrust

Lambo Jesus is my favorite NFT from Crypto 2021. For starters it brings a smile to my face and a chuckle each and every time I look at it. Who wouldn’t want more of that in their life? Tristan Tait did an amazing job representing Vitalik Buterin (co-founder of Etherium) as Jesus. With Eth in one hand and a Lamborghini in the other, Vitalik emerges from the Heavens to give wealth and prosperity to all. The detail created in this piece is spectacular. It truly feels as if you are being handed a Lamborghini. Love it!

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/mrtristantait
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/66

“Lick or Trick” by Alotta Money

Writeup by IwatchHulu

I like Lick or Trick by Alotta Money. it’s creepy but yet also a bit whimsical. I wont be mad if we use that imagine on US dollar bills

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/money_alotta
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/216

“Loaded” by anticlvtch

Writeup by ScentsyDana

As I was scrolling through all the collections this one spoke to me the most for several reasons. This is clearly a badass woman standing in front of the barrel of a machine gun as if to say… I will stand for you, on the front lines as a protector, so that others don’t have to. As a Female USMC Veteran I feel this to my core.

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/anticlvtch
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/109

Cryptees Genesis Edition by Dario De Siena

Writeup by Bubba06255003

The Kolectiv artwork that got me really fascinated has got to be the Cryptees t-shirts by Dario de Siena that are linked to an NFT! It’s something that not been done before and shows that technology knows no bounds. Being able to wear a one of a kind t shirt designed with artwork of the highest quality to show off to your friends, but also to show it off to the world with the linked NFT is amazing. The abstract contemporary art really goes well with the current trend and I’m hoping we get more of the same soon!

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dario_Desiena
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/368

“Kosmos” by BakaArts

Writeup by OkeeOkee

The lifeform depicted appears exactly as I imagined the “aliens” from Arthur C Clarke science fiction work “Rendezvous with Rama.” I’ve always enjoyed this book of adventure and exploration and gazing at this collectible brings back feelings of wonder.

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheBakaArts
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/52

“The Shard” by upheaver

Writeup by Bs241

Artwork itself is pretty calming to look at and I like the combination of static and animation he used. The fact that it brings utility to a project incorporating Foreverlands and Kolectiv is why it’s my favourite piece!

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/pauliusuza
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/126

The Third Eye by Dario De Siena

Writeup by richirich

Broken pieces can come together and still make a whole. No matter how down we are, how broken we are , or how undetermined we are. Once we connect the pieces together we can become masters of whatever we desire. A broken crayon still write an amazing story like a new one can!

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dario_Desiena
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/78

“Freefall-” by Emmanuel Shiu

Writeup by Lucie167

Freefall- Emmanuel Shiu “In Newtonian physics, free fall is any motion of a body where gravity is the only force acting upon it.” Anxiety sometimes makes me feel like the world’s gravity is a force acting upon me, pulling at me, like I’m constantly freefalling.
This piece of art conveys how I feel mentally so very often; ironically, I feel only peace when I look at it.

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/emanshiu
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/315

“Cosmic Connection” by Davia King

Writeup by Joseph

Urban artists — cosmic collection : colourful, fairy like, angelic, beautiful. I am attracted to this piece because it makes me calm and at peace with life.

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaviaKing
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/342

“Skullkeeper” by Lucrece

Writeup by Califunnydude

It’s like a primal form of my biggest fear and nightmares. Even when you feel invincible you know there’s something around the corner that is the boss level that will humble you.

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/DesLucrece
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/221

“Death becomes us” by Gabe Gault

Writeup by Albzz

By far my favourite art on the Kollectiv platform. Symbolising death and rebirth, this piece inspires me in reflecting on hard times within my life and moving forward after such times. Knowing that death is a part of life, makes the time that we have together even more precious.

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/gabe_gault
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/354

“Fool’s head” by Limbo_Mask

Writeup by Forkthis

It got a bunch of different random elements like a pixel sword, eth symbol, a cartoon like head, barbed wire, forbidden fruit, etc. there are so much going on and the creativity of this piece inspires me.

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/Limbo_Mask
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/54

“The Cursed Knight” by Imad Awan

Writeup by vipgio

The Cursed Knight Clearly inspired by Sauron from Lord of the Rings, a spirit corrupted by the darkness, this is my favorite Kolectiv item. As a fan of Tolkien mythology, seeing a Maia as an art piece is a pleasure. Additionally the contrast between a colorful sky and the Dark Lord gives me the vibes of good versus evil in the LOTR world.

Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/Imad_n_Awan
Kolectiv Asset: https://kolectiv.gg/asset/199

Thank you to our collectors for taking the time to write up such wonderful descriptions of your favorite artworks!