Kolectiv Monthly Review | April

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4 min readMay 9, 2022

April was a community-focused month for the Kolectiv platform, filled with events, airdrops, and partnerships with artists & other projects to reward our collectors. With so much going on, we’re introducing Kolectiv Monthly Reviews to give a recap of all of the happenings & community initiatives on Kolectiv!

Kolectiv Charity Auctions

Utilizing the platform’s newly-released auction feature, Kolectiv hosted a series of auctions to support a community-selected charitable cause. A total of 32 cards were auctioned, 21 of which were generously donated by Kolectiv community members. Kolectiv’s Charity Auctions raised a total of 3.86 ETH ($13,383 at the time of donation) to be donated to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding research to eliminate childhood cancer.

We at Kolectiv would like to thank everyone who participated in the event and helped make this possible. This was our first attempt at a charitable event and we hope all of you enjoyed it as much as we did. You can look forward to the future where we will plan something similar on a larger scale!

Charity Auction Airdrops

Those who participated in Kolectiv’s Charity Auctions were awarded with unique roles in Discord, and those who bid on auctions received up to 3 surprise airdrops after the event had concluded:

  • NFT artist Farruk Murad, who has been previously featured in Kolectiv’s Crypto 2021 & Visions of Tomorrow collections, generously created a work of art titled “comm-Unity” for this event. This card was airdropped to any collector who placed at least one bid on a Charity Auction.
  • Bidders additionally received a “Charity 2022” card created by Kolectiv featuring a close-up static image of the angel used in our auction promotions.
  • Collectors who won at least one Charity Auction received a rarer, animated variant of the full-body angel titled “mechA-ngel.” This card features a unique animation highlighting auction winners’ statuses as a “Diamond Charity Kolector” in our Discord.

Cryptees Launch Announcement

We’ve announced our latest initiative, Cryptees, a streetwear fashion brand that creates innovative fashion by turning epic art created by top NFT artists into wearable collectibles. Cryptees allow you to support and represent your favorite NFT artists by collecting and wearing their artwork. The first NFT drop on Cryptees will take place on May 10th. Read the details here.

We’ve begun offering several Early Access opportunities for the Kolectiv community, including initial access for collectors on Kolectiv:

  • Holders of Dario De Siena’s “Third Eye” card on Kolectiv will receive an Early Access slot. You can find Dario’s Kolectiv card here.
  • We have additionally been holding Early Access raffles for Kolectiv Gold and Silver Founders card holders. Join our Discord to claim your Early Access slot & enter public giveaways!

ForeverLands Pack Opening

ForeverLands opened 20x various Kolectiv packs, the contents of which have been added to the Kolectiv Vault to be obtained by cryptoart collectors in ForeverLands’ upcoming game, in which a curated gaming experience allows anyone to invest in some of the best art on the blockchain in a fractionalized and highly accessible way. You can rewatch a recording of the livestreamed pack opening on ForeverLands’ YouTube channel.

ForeverLands was created by Paulius Uza, known on Kolectiv as upheaver.eth, who was one of the featured artists in the original Crypto 2021 Kolectiv collection with their piece The Shard,” which will have direct utility in ForeverLands upcoming blockchain game. You can read more about ForeverLands here.

Chimpers Allowlist Giveaway

Collectors of Timper’s “To The Moon” card from the Kolectiv Crypto 2021 collection were rewarded with entry into a raffle to win one of 10 Allowlist slots in Timper’s generative NFT PFP project, “Chimpers.”

“To The Moon” by Timpers, from the Kolectiv Crypto 2021 Collection

Hro Allowlist Giveaways

Powered by Kolex tech, the recently-launched Hro platform features DC Comics Hybrid & NFT trading cards. Kolectiv has been giving away dozens of Allowlist slots for both the original “Batman Universe” NFT drop, and the upcoming “Superhuman Strength” collection launching on May 12th.

  • Multiple Allowlist giveaways for both Silver & Gold Founders card holders
  • Top 10 Collectors on Kolectiv automatically offered Allowlist slots
  • Additional giveaways in Twitter & Discord

Our first collection was massively successful, with over $5,000,000 in secondary market volume in the first month after its launch. Check out the Hro platform here!

Join the Kolectiv Community!

Most of our giveaways & events take place on Discord & Twitter — join the community & get in on the action!

We’re working on a structured plan for the upcoming few months that will be shared with the community soon. Stay tuned!