Cryptees Launch FAQ

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3 min readApr 11, 2022


Cryptees is a streetwear fashion brand that creates innovative fashion by turning epic art created by top NFT artists into wearable collectibles. Cryptees allow you to support and represent your favorite NFT artists by collecting and wearing their artwork.

We care about the planet we live on and mint on 100% carbon neutral Ethereum Layer 2 Immutable X and only produce to order, without waste. Since each physical shirt is connected to an NFT, every piece is a unique collectible item.


What are Cryptees?
Innovative streetwear fashion designed by leading NFT artists into wearable collectibles.

What am I buying?
With each Cryptees NFT purchase you will receive the following:

  • High-resolution NFT artwork
  • Physical T-shirt of the NFT artwork with customer selected sizing
  • Metaverse-ready 3D model of the T-shirt

How are Cryptees collectible?
Not only are Cryptees NFTs, the physical T-shirt has an integrated NFC tag linked to the unique digital NFT twin of the shirt.

When will Cryptees be available to buy?
Our first drop will be on May 10th at 7PM UTC. We will have an early-access presale period available from 4 PM UTC up through the public sale.

How can I buy Cryptees?
On our website, you may link your wallet. We recommend MetaMask. You will then have the option to deposit ETH in your account. With your Cryptees balance, you may purchase Cryptees when the sale is live.

How much will it cost?
Cryptees will have different pricing structures for different drops. The first drop will be 0.15 ETH for a Cryptees NFT.

How many are available to purchase?
200 Cryptees will be available for the first drop. Future drops will feature different availabilities.

Will there be early access?
Yes. We will offer several Early Access opportunities for the community, including initial access for collectors on Kolectiv:

  • Holders of Dario De Siena’s “Third Eye” card on Kolectiv will receive a Early Access slot. You can find Dario’s Kolectiv card here.
  • We will also hold Early Access raffles for Kolectiv Gold and Silver Founders card holders.

There will be more Early Access opportunities in the future. Keep an eye on Socials & Discord for more information.

Will there be different types of editions?
Cryptees will have different types of editions featured in drops. The first drop will be a limited print run of 200 editions.

How to claim my Cryptees?
There is a four-week redemption period to claim the physical T-shirt. Our redemption process will ask for sizing and shipping details. During the redemption process, your NFT status will be updated to show redeemed.

When will I get my shirt?
All shirts are made to order. Once the four-weeks redemption window closes, our fashion partner will start the production. Shipping will start 10–20 business days after production and might take longer depending on edition size.

What happens if I don’t redeem my physical shirt?
You will own the NFT & 3D model but will be unable to obtain the physical twin T-shirt.

What if I buy or sell my Cryptees after the redemption period?
You may buy/sell Cryptees after the trading period. Ownership of the NFT and 3D model will transfer. The physical twin will not.

Can I wash it?
The NFC tag is laundry safe. But your shirt asks you to treat it extremely carefully. We recommend listening to it.

What about the Environment?
We mint on ImmutableX, a 100% carbon neutral Ethereum Layer 2 platform. Each physical order is produced on demand.