Kolectiv Monthly Recap — November 2022

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4 min readDec 13, 2022

November 2022, also known as Tarot drop month! Check out our recap below to catch up on all the (mostly) Tarot-related happenings lastmonth.

Tarot: Major Arcana Collection launch

The much awaited Tarot collection was finally dropped on November 8th! If for some reason you missed out on this drop, check out the full juicy details on the drop here:


Tarot Launch Party

To celebrate and setup ourselves ahead of the drop, we organized a Tarot Launch party in our Discord Stages. Asides from discussion with the community and among ourselves on the various artwork found in the collection, we also gave away some prizes to party joiners!

  • Tarot packs
  • Tarot NFTs

Tarot Leaderboard Rewards

Kolectiv, as a collectors’ platform, has added utility to the mint numbers associated with every NFT: the lower the mint number, the more leaderboard points you gain. We then have occasional rewards for top leaderboard positions.

Tarot specific leaderboard rewards

Leaderboard race — “Seer” by Jason Duckmanton

Top 5 Tarot collectors — “Oracle” by KING XEROX

Top 25 Tarot collectors — “Your Fate” by Hedley28

Snapshots for all of these rewards have been taken and rewards will be distributed accordingly.

Tarot Pack Battles

Tarot pack battles pit a users’ Tarot pack opening against 1–3 other collectors in a live pack opening event, where the player who opens the lowest mint card takes all. At the end of the campaign, top spots on the Pack Battle leaderboard also received prizes, as well as all participants.

Final scoreboard:

1st place: Tarot pack x3 — myfleetingdream

2nd place: Visions of Tomorrow pack x2 — dzomery

3rd place: Tarot pack x1 — Alex Core

4th place: Tarot NFT x1 — theefranchise

5th place: Tarot NFT x1 — Worth

Participation prize: Tarot Kolector card for anyone who plays at least 1 game

Black Friday Spinner giveaway

Black Friday is a day for activities! We opened two Tarot packs on the spot, and spinning the NFTs away to some winners!

NFTs given away:

  • The Moon #87
  • The Hanged Man #118
  • The Emperor #4
  • Strength #44
  • Judgement #110
  • The World #127

Kolectiv Artist Series November 2022 — skeenee

In conjunction with the Tarot drop month, we have a Tarot artist with us this month featured in the Kolectiv Artist Series. We present to you, skeenee’s casual-not-quite-an-interview-interview. To top it up, he has agreed to hold a giveaway to reward all his holders of ‘The Fool’ in the Tarot collection — stay tuned for announcements on that!

I love Tattoo because it demands a high level of skills to do right. In my opinion it´s the ultimate canvas/challenge for an artist. There very little room for mistakes and every mistake is nerve wracking since it´s the only canvas that can punch you in the face if you fuck up too much lol

- Skeenee

Tarot Pack Burn

Tarot packs went off sale at the end of the month, and any remaining packs are burned to preserve the scarcity of the NFTs.

Top purchases this month

Grand Horned Owl by Bioworkz, mint 72 of 75


Sold for 0.11 ETH

That’ll be it for the November 2022 recap. Happy holidays and see you next month!