The Kolectiv Tarot Art Collection

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9 min readNov 1, 2022

What is Kolectiv?

Kolectiv is an NFT marketplace that focuses on carefully-curated art collections featuring established and up-and-coming artists in the space. Each collection is based on a common theme to introduce collectors to artists of similar styles, and to showcase the best talent in each genre of the NFT world. We place heavy emphasis on gamification to create a fun & unique collecting experience, while adding an inherent sense of utility to artwork on the Kolectiv platform.

Our market features both primary and secondary sales and has been frequently lauded as a user-friendly experience. Kolectiv was also the first project to launch on ImmutableX, the first Layer 2 scaling solution focused on NFTs. This allows for trades and sales on the Kolectiv marketplace to take place near-instantly and incur no gas fees, all while collectors continue to enjoy the security and interoperability of the Ethereum network. Furthermore, assets on Kolectiv can be withdrawn from the platform into a connected Layer 1 wallet via Immutable X.

The Kolectiv Tarot Collection

This curated art collection consists of artists’ interpretations of the Major Arcana cards found in a traditional deck of tarot cards, in addition to other Tarot-related artwork. Sold in Kolectiv’s unique blind-pack format, collectors purchase a “pack” containing 3 to 4 pre-minted, randomized Tarot artworks from the overall collection.

With 15 artists joining the initial release of the Tarot collection, we have meticulously selected artists we know our collectors will love. The Tarot set introduces exciting new names to the platform, such as KING XEROX and LostKeep, alongside returning Kolector favorites, including Orabel, Stefan Große Halbuer, and Archangel. Be sure to join our community Discord as we continue revealing the artwork & artists included in the Tarot release.

The Tarot pack launch will run from November 8th to November 30th. The Allowlist Presale will begin at 4 PM UTC, and run for 1 hour until the Public Sale at 5 PM UTC. Packs cannot be opened during the 1-hour presale. At 5 PM UTC on November 30th, packs will no longer be available for sale, with 75% of any remaining unsold packs being burned to increase scarcity for collectors, and 25% of any unsold packs being kept for future marketing purposes.

Collecting Tarot NFTs

Kolectiv Tarot NFTs will be available for purchase in blind packs. There will be just 1,100 total packs available, with an initial 66 being reserved for marketing. Each pack will contain 3 to 4 random NFTs from the Tarot collection that you will only be able to view when you open the pack on our Kolectiv website.

The mint of each NFT is determined when the packs are created and not when they are unpacked. If you miss buying packs, individual NFTs and packs can be found for sale by other collectors on the secondary marketplace.

You can purchase packs by connecting to Kolectiv with your MetaMask or Ethereum wallet and depositing ETH. We currently do not accept fiat payments. If you are having issues with a purchase, please join our Discord and ask the community or ping a staff member for help!

Allowlist Presale & Pack Information

We will have a 1-hour presale period for Allowlisted collectors beginning at 4 PM UTC on Nov. 8th. During the 1-hour Allowlist Presale period, the cost per pack will be 0.09 ETH, with the price moving to 0.099 ETH per pack for the Public Sale, giving Allowlisted purchasers 10% off per pack. Packs can only be opened at the beginning of the Public Sale, and there will not be a pack purchase limit for users participating in the presale.

You can obtain an Allowlist slot through the following:

  • Join our Discord and follow Kolectiv’s Twitter, where we have begun giving away Tarot Allowlist slots to those active in the community.
  • All Gold Founders & Silver Founders holders will be automatically added to the Allowlist. These NFTs were obtained through the preorder for our first release, the Crypto 2021 collection. A snapshot of Kolectiv Founders holders will take place on Friday, Nov. 4th at 5 PM UTC; you must be holding a Founders NFT in your Kolectiv account at this time to receive the Allowlist slot.
  • Each artist has been allocated a number of Allowlist slots to give away to their own communities — be sure to follow each of them below so you don’t miss an opportunity!

Collection Breakdown

The Tarot set will have a total of 25 different NFTs obtainable in packs, in addition to a number of artworks reserved for collection rewards & incentives. There are two subsets of the collection:

  • Major Arcana (Core): The initial pack launch will feature 19 of the 22 traditional “Major Arcana” cards. Serving as the Core or Base set of the collection, these artworks are editioned out of 152, with mints 1–150 contained in packs.
  • Oracle (Core): There are 3 Tarot-themed pieces included in packs, separate from the Major Arcana cards. These are also editioned out of 152, with mints 1–150 contained in packs.
  • Oracle (Insert): Another 3 Tarot-themed artworks are inserted as a potential fourth card in packs. These artworks have lower circulations, giving 11.36% of minted packs a fourth art card.

In addition to the 25 artworks included in packs, a number of artworks are obtainable exclusively through collection rewards & incentives:

Major Arcana Airdrops

The remaining 3 of 22 Major Arcana cards not included in packs (The Magician, The Hierophant, and The Chariot) will be released as exclusive airdrops to holders of artwork from the Tarot collection at a later date.

  • This will be done through a raffle system rewarding collectors for holding artwork; the more NFTs & artists you collect in the Tarot collection, the higher your chances are of winning one of the airdrop pieces.
  • A percentage of profit from the pack drop will be reserved to commission artwork for these airdrop cards from artists in the space.
  • These cards will be released over the coming months to reward long-term Tarot collectors. Specific information about these airdrops will be announced before they’re dropped.

Major Arcana Completion Reward

A unique Completion Reward titled “Seer” by Jason Duckmanton will be delivered to collectors who complete the Major Arcana subset.

  • There will be three distributions of this artwork, with a snapshot of Major Arcana completions being taken at 5 PM UTC every 10 days after launch (November 18th, November 28th, and December 8th).
  • Anyone holding a complete 19-card Major Arcana collection at the time of a snapshot will be rewarded with an edition of “Seer.” You may receive multiple editions for multiple complete sets, or for holding a complete set at the time of multiple snapshots.
  • Mint numbers will be based on completion time. The sooner you complete, the more snapshots you’ll be eligible for, and the lower the mint number you will receive. For example, Collectors A, B, & C complete in order before the first snapshot. They receive mints 1, 2, & 3 of “Seer.” Collectors D & E then complete before the second snapshot. Collectors A, B, & C then receive mints 4, 5, & 6, and Collectors D & E receive mints 7 & 8. If any collectors break their set before a snapshot, they won’t receive a reward at that snapshot time.
  • To ensure scarcity of the reward, we will stop minting this piece after 50 or more editions have been be distributed. For example, if there are 57 total completion rewards sent out at the time of the second snapshot, there will not be a third snapshot, but everyone who completed up until this point will receive their reward.
  • Cards from the Oracle subset do not count toward the completion reward.

Tarot Collection Leaderboard Reward

Lower mint numbers for each Kolectiv NFT give more leaderboard points. There are two leaderboard rewards to be distributed to top collectors of the Tarot collection. Only one leaderboard snapshot is currently planned for the Tarot leaderboard.

  • A snapshot of the Tarot collection leaderboard, including both the Major Arcana & Oracle subsets, will be taken on November 28th at 5 PM UTC.
  • The Top 5 collectors on the Tarot leaderboard at this time will receive a copy of “Oracle” by KING XEROX, editioned out of 5.
  • The Top 25 collectors on the Tarot leaderboard at this time will receive a copy of “Your Fate” by Hedley28, editioned out of 25.

Artwork Parallels

Finally, we are introducing an exclusive new level of collecting on Kolectiv: Artwork Parallels. Similar to parallels found in most sports card products, Kolectiv’s Artwork Parallels act as a way of providing collectible rarity to our editioned artwork. For the Tarot collection, we are introducing two parallel types:

  • Artist Proof Parallels: Each artist will receive an Artist Proof version of their Core cards. Artist Proofs have a unique visual overlay, “AP1” mint number, and have been digitally autographed by the artist. Artist Proofs are not found in packs, and will be distributed to artists to do with as they wish, making them the ultimate collectible art from this collection. These can be viewed as a true 1-of-1-of-152 for the Tarot collection; while there are 152 editions of each card, there is only one of each Artist Proof.
  • Kolector Proof Parallels: Similar to Artist Proofs, a unique parallel of each Core artwork is reserved by Kolectiv to be used for exclusive long-term rewards. Kolector Proofs will have their own exclusive design, and will similarly feature a unique autograph from the artist. At the end of the year, all existing Kolector Proofs will be added to a new, highly-limited pack, which will be given as a free airdrop to top leaderboard collectors on the overall Global Leaderboard, giving a chance to open a premium version of past artworks as a reward for their dedication & collecting across all sets on Kolectiv.
  • Kolector Proofs will be released in addition to other artwork to reward long-term collecting. Starting with the Tarot collection, a percentage of sales will be reserved to commission desirable artwork from artists in the space to serve as a reward for our top collectors.

The Kolectiv Tarot Artwork & Artists

The following artists & their artworks are included in the Tarot collection:

Major Arcana:


Further FAQ:

How many packs can I purchase?

You are limited to one (1) open order of 5 packs at a time. You can continue to purchase packs as long as they are available. If packs sell out during the presale period, there will be no additional packs minted or sold during the primary sale. You will be able to buy and sell packs on our secondary market at Kolectiv.GG. Packs cannot be sold on Ethereum Layer 1.

How can I purchase packs?

You can purchase packs by connecting to Kolectiv with your MetaMask or Ethereum wallet and depositing ETH. We currently do not accept fiat payments. If you are having issues with a purchase, please join our Discord and ask the community or ping a staff member for help!

How long will packs be available to purchase?

Packs will be available until they all sell out, or until November 30th. At 5 PM UTC on November 30th, packs will no longer be available for sale. 75% of any remaining unsold packs will be burned to increase scarcity for collectors, and 25% of any unsold packs will be kept for future marketing purposes. The total number of packs and NFTs minted will be fixed and will not increase over time.