Re-Introducing: The Kolex Weekly Newsletter

2022 First Edition: Katowice | Hybrid Trading Card Collection

We’re kicking off the 2022 hybrid collection with both 2022 Core & Limited Edition Katowice Cards. The Katowice collection is composed of 316 unique cards, including both Core and Katowice Limited Edition, in addition to signature cards from 42 different players. As usual, each card is printed with a unique QR code, allowing you to scan your physical collectible to redeem its exact twin in your digital collection.

IEM Katowice: Groups | Digital Drop

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of IEM Katowice with our first collection in the digital 2022 CS:GO season! The IEM Katowice: Groups drop introduces a number of new players to the Kolex platform, including fan-favorite m0nesy of G2 Esports, along with teams Sprout & Entropiq. Collect the Players, Teams, and Ones to Watch for IEM Katowice 2022!

HLTV Fantasy League: IEM Katowice

Alongside our upcoming Katowice releases, we’re hosting a Fantasy League Competition via HLTV, with a handful of exciting rewards for the top competitors! You can join the HLTV competition here. Please make sure you use your Kolex/Epics username as your team name!

Team Expansions & Updates

As our team and platform continues to grow, we’re thrilled to bring on a handful of individuals to assist us in communication & support to our wider community. Over the last week, we’ve onboarded five new Community Moderators, a Social Media Manager, and a new Customer Support Specialist. These individuals were selected based on a combination of their past experience, affable dispositions, and ongoing dedication to our community & collectibles platform — come join our Discord & say hello!



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