PUBG Mobile Global Championship Leagues — Digital Core Collection!

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3 min readJan 19, 2022

The return of the official PUBG Mobile Trading Cards

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2021 — League Collection will be available for purchase beginning on Thursday, 20th January 2022 at 12:00 UTC. This is our first digital PUBG Mobile collection and here’s what you need to know!

The PMGC 2021 League Digital Collection is the start of many planned sets recapping major PUBG Mobile events for the 2021 & 2022 season. PUBG Mobile will not have a core/season collection like the familiar structure of the CS:GO category on our platform. What you will find are larger event sets with several weeks allocated for users to collect and complete their collections.

Collection Details:

The League collection consists of 343 unique cards for you to collect, split into 160 commons, 40 uncommons, 86 Tier 1’s, 23 Tier 2’s & 34 Tier 3 Cards. All cards can be found in the PMGC League Event Pack. The mint count of cards ranges from 50 Each of some Mythic Tier 3 cards to 1371 Common Player Cards. Each are minted as Batch A, the closer to A1 you have, the more leaderboard points your card will award.

Store Bundles

There will be three bundles available for users to purchase:

  • Common Bundle: $0.99 for 1x PMGC Pack (Base Value)
  • Epic Bundle: $19.99 for 25x PMGC Packs (24% Bonus)
  • Legendary Bundle: $49.99 for 70x PMGC Packs (39% Bonus)

The Odds

3 of the 4 cards found in each pack will contain a combination of common (160 total cards) and uncommon (40 total cards) cards. The 4th card will vary in rarity that include:

The 4th Card will have the following odds:

Tier 1 Superior:

  • Team Rare (40 card set | 750 mints per card) | ~32.84% odds
  • T1 Highlights (30 card set | 1000 mints per card) | ~32.84% odds
  • Regional Standouts (16 card set | 1000 mints per card) | ~17.52% odds

Tier 2 Epic:

  • - T2 Highlights (15 card set | 500 mints per card) | ~8.20% odds
  • - Regional Player Gold Standouts (8 card set | 500 mints per card) | ~4.36% odds

Tier 3 Legendary:

  • Stat Kings (9 card set | 150 mints per card) | ~1.48% odds
  • Champions (10 card set | 100 mints per card) | ~1.08% odds
  • T3 Highlights (5 total cards | 200 mints per card) | ~1.08% odds
  • Champion Mythics (10 total cards | 50 mints per card) | ~0.56% odds

Event Rewards

The Top 10 PMGC League collectors at the end of the Event will receive an exclusive 1 of 10 White Event Limited Edition Card with the mint corresponding to their place on the leaderboard. The individual that finishes in first will earn the Black Event Limited Edition 1 of 1 Card. The Leaderboard lock date will be shared in the coming weeks.


Unfortunately, PUBG Mobile Global Championship League Cards have not been minted on ImmutableX and were not created with the intention to become NFTs. We continue to work with our partners on NFT adoption.