Prestige, Card Leveling, PVP and Badges! (2.1.0)

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3 min readOct 27, 2020

It’s time for a huge update collectors!

The team has been hammering away at several high value fixes, features and quality of life items for this build. We’ve been laying the groundwork for a busy fall with much more to come before the holidays.

Here’s a few of the big ticket items coming out in this build:

Prestige Circuits ⬆️

Since launch, you’ve played over 3 million Rush game sessions, which is pretty damn amazing. With 2.1 we’re adding a prestige system that will allow you to play through the core and event circuits on higher difficulty levels to earn even better rewards, special badges and, of course, prestige.

As part of this new system we’re adding some additional features to make sure you’re ready to compete:

Card Leveling 📈

If you’ve reached Elite Centurion, chances are you have a decent roster. But if you want to clear the prestige circuits, you’re going to need to level it up. The new card leveling system in this build is going to let you do just that.

  • Level up each card in your roster to get a stats boost in Rush matches. You can level cards from the card view or the roster view screens
  • Your roster will now display an overall level base on the level of the cards within it. The roster level will impact which competitions you’ll be able to play in
  • Leveling up your cards will start out costing silver and increase in cost with each card tier and level

Badges 🛡️

  • Earn badges for completing Rush circuits, collections and achievements
  • Show ’em off on your updated profile UI

Rush PvP Mode 🎮

  • Get ready scrubs — it’s time to prove your rosters are the best in PvP — you can now challenge other collectors
  • We also added leaderboards for PvP so we can all see who rises to the top (oh and prizes)

Revamped Home Screen 📱

  • A new content carousel showing what collections are dropping
  • Next match widget to allow you quickly jump into your next Rush match from the home screen
  • New icons for incoming alerts — giving you quick access to take action on trades, achievements and other important action items

Other Features and Improvements:

  • Roster match history — now you can see the match history of your rosters and even replay past matches. We’re looking at more ways to make your rosters matter more and are looking to make further improvements over the coming months
  • Quick showcase — tap the star on the card detail screen to quickly add it to your showcase (now with more item slots)
  • New Leaderboard and collection status views
  • Library performance upgrade
  • Season selection fix — selecting a new season on the library screen no longer forces other screens in the app to that season
  • Fix to ‘my market listings’ section
  • Added new view and effects on cards in card view and pack opening based on tier
  • New view on the pack shop
  • Revamped pack opening to improve performance
  • Achievements UI revamp
  • Overall performance improvements
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes

We are also releasing a large web app update, which adds two new features; badges and extra showcases. The full changelog can be found on the Epics discord.

We’re excited to hear your feedback on the changes so please let us know what you think on Discord or via the support chat in the app.

You can check out the full HUGE changelog for mobile and web in our Discord, join here: