Kolex Weekly Newsletter | 2.23.22

2022 1st Edition & Katowice | Exclusive Kolex Preorder Incentives

In case you missed it: Not only is there a chance at signed player cards in 2022 1st Edition boxes, but for every pre order purchase you make directly from shop.kolex.gg, you will be automatically entered into a raffle for one of several exciting collectible items! Each Large Box purchased will be eligible for 2 entries and each Small Box will be eligible for 1 entry into raffles for items including signed Epics VaultX Binders, exclusive P-mint signed “Player Cards,” jerseys, and yet-to-be-announced digital content. All of the juicy details can be found here!

Left: NiKo & G2 signing 1 of 3 Epics VaultX binders | Right: A couple of signed P-mint “Player Cards” from a few newly-signed fan-favorites!

Discord AMAs | Revisited & Upcoming

Several weeks ago, we hosted an impromptu AMA on our Discord channel, in which we discussed our thoughts around a Discord Migration with Kolectiv, the 2022 Game Plan, Physical/Digital Season Rewards, and more. You can now find a recording of this AMA here. Please note that some of the topics originally discussed are still undergoing review & may have been postponed.

IEM Katowice: Groups | Faulty Odds & Compensation

Last week, we quickly sold out the first collection from the 2022 digital season: IEM Katowice: Groups. These packs included Player & Team cards, Event Matte, Holo, & Foil Stickers, and Team Matte Stickers from the IEM Katowice event. Unfortunately, the Team Matte Stickers unintentionally had a lower-than-advertised pull rate. This should be a one-off issue and was caused by combining the odds of each of the 16 stickers into one, making the odds at each individual sticker 16x rarer.

Season 2022 Airdrops

As a part of the new season, we will be randomly dropping Tier 3 Legendary cards to users. The timing, design, and distribution model will vary and be kept as secret as possible, even within our own team.

Left: Streamers First Edition Amy King Gem AnneMunition | Middle: CS:GO 2018 PashaBiceps Artwork | Right: CS:GO 2019 Courage REZ

Web-app Changelog as of February 23rd, 2022

  • Fixed Animations on Streamers and pre-2020 CS:GO cards — This has been one of the most highly-requested bug fixes for some time, and we’re absolutely thrilled to finally deliver on it for our collectors! Please enjoy as you rediscover the true gems of past seasons! From the 2018 PashaBiceps Artwork to 2019 Lore & Courage — not to mention the beautiful Streamers Shadow & Gem cards! See above for some wonderful examples.
  • Fixed Showcase Items being cut off at some resolutions
  • Editing your Showcase no longer requires a page refresh
  • Cards that are on Ethereum Layer 1 or IMX now show up as “ghost” cards in your library
  • Fixed going to someone’s profile redirecting to user-not-found
  • Fixed misaligned language settings
  • Fixed homepage showing an “undefined” pack
  • Removed “Showcase on Profile” Button for Cards on Ethereum Layer 1 or IMX



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