Kolectiv Visions of Tomorrow FAQ

What is Kolectiv?

Kolectiv is an NFT marketplace that focuses on large drops with the best established and up and coming artists in the space. Each collection is based on a common theme to showcase the best talent in each genre of the NFT world.

Our market features both primary and secondary sales and has been widely recognized as one of the most user-friendly experiences in crypto. It was also the first project to launch on ImmutableX, the first Layer 2 scaling solution focused on NFT’s. This means that trades and sales on the Kolectiv marketplace incur no gas fees and collectors still enjoy all the security and interoperability of the Ethereum network!

What is the Visions of Tomorrow Collection?

The Visions of Tomorrow Collection features 25 amazing artists, 1 new partner and NFTs inspired by Sci-Fi & metaverse themes. The Visions of Tomorrow pack launch will begin on December 21st. Presale will be at 6 PM UTC and full Release at 7 PM UTC.

How can I collect these NFTs?

NFTs will be available for purchase in blind packs. There will be 2,495 total packs available, with 15 being reserved for marketing. Each pack will contain two (2) random NFTs from the Visions of Tomorrow collection that you will only be able to view when you open the pack on our Kolectiv website. The cost per pack is 0.15 ETH. The mint of each NFT is determined when the packs are created and not when they are unpacked. If you miss buying packs, individual NFTs and packs can be found for sale by other collectors on the secondary marketplace.

Can I sell my packs on the market?

You will be able to buy and sell packs on our secondary market at Kolectiv.gg but not on Ethereum Layer 1.

Presale/Whitelist Availability

We will have a presale for collectors who own either a Silver or Gold Founders NFT. These NFTs were obtained through our preorder for the Crypto 2021 collection. There will not be a pack purchase limit for users participating in the presale.

Gold Secondary Market: https://kolectiv.gg/market/167
Silver Secondary Market: https://kolectiv.gg/market/166

Are there Founders rewards in addition to the Whitelist?

Silver Founders will have the same access as Gold Founders in the Whitelisted presale.

Gold Founders will be given an airdrop from our partner before the launch of the Visions of Tomorrow packs. This reward will be stackable if you own multiple Gold Founder NFTs.

What is the collection breakdown for this set?

Visions of Tomorrow will have a total of 46 different NFTs obtainable in packs. The subsets of the collection will include ‘Core’, ‘Rare’ and a special partner we will announce later this week! There will be a mix of 44 common and uncommon Core NFTs, two designed by each invited artist. Common NFTs will each have 150 minted. Uncommon NFTs will each have 75 minted NFTs.

Mythic and Exotic Visions of Tomorrow NFTs will be classified as Rare NFTs. One of each can be found in packs created by our featured Artists. The headliner artist will also contribute 5 reward NFTS detailed below:

First Ritual = Airdrop (Mythic)
The Second Ritual = (5) Visions of Tomorrow packs purchased (Mythic)
The Third Ritual = (15) Visions of Tomorrow packs purchased (Exotic)
The Fourth Ritual = Complete Visions of Tomorrow collection (Exotic)
The Fifth Ritual = 1st to complete the Visions of Tomorrow collection (Exotic)

Please see additional conditions for each reward below.

Reward NFTs

We will share how to obtain the First Ritual reward on December 10th. This will be awarded in the form of an airdrop.

The Second and Third Rituals require pack purchases only from the primary Visions of Tomorrow sale. Any packs purchased from the secondary market will not qualify for the reward. Distributed mints of each will be randomized. Circulation and total mint count of each will be determined based on the total quantity awarded.

The Fourth Ritual for completing the Visions of Tomorrow Core collection will require retaining ownership of the full collection through 5 PM UTC on January 13th 2022. Rare NFTs are not required to obtain this NFT. The reward mint for the Completion NFT will be awarded based on your leaderboard position on the Visions of Tomorrow Core leaderboard at time of the database snapshot. Example: If you have completed your collection and are third on the leaderboard, you will receive Mint 3/X.

The Fifth Ritual is a 1 of 1 NFT for the first collector to complete the Core Visions of Tomorrow collection. This excludes the Rare NFTs.

We will also have a Top 50 NFT for collectors of the Vision of Tomorrow. This database snapshot will be taken of the Core Leaderboard at 5 PM UTC on January 13th 2022.

Will the new partner’s NFTs award score for the Visions of Tomorrow Leaderboard?

Our new partner’s NFTs will award leaderboard points for their NFTs. There will be separate leaderboards for Core, Rare & Partner. These will all be included in the global leaderboard score but will not be required for the Visions of Tomorrow Core completion rewards.

Whose artwork can I unpack in the Visions of Tomorrow Collection?

We will be announcing Artists starting with our Headliner Artist on December 8th. We will be updating this article periodically, but you can see the individual artist announcements on our Twitter and a comprehensive list of artists on our Discord.

How many packs will I be able to purchase?

You are limited to one (1) open order of 5 packs at a time. You can continue to purchase packs as long as they are available. If packs sell out during the presale period to Founder NFT owners, there will be no additional packs minted or sold during the primary sale.

How can I purchase packs?

You can purchase packs by connecting your Kolectiv account with MetaMask and depositing ETH. We currently do not accept fiat payments. If you are having issues with a purchase, please join our Discord and ask the community or ping a staff member for help!

You can download Metamask here: https://metamask.io/

How long will packs be available to purchase?

Packs will be available until they all sell out. The total number of packs and NFTs minted will be fixed and will not increase over time.




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