Kolectiv Urban Artists FAQ

What is Kolectiv?

Kolectiv is an NFT marketplace that focuses on large drops with the best established and up and coming artists in the space. Each collection is based on a common theme to showcase the best talent in each genre of the NFT world.

Our market features both primary and secondary sales and has been widely recognized as one of the most user-friendly experiences in crypto. It was also the first project to launch on ImmutableX, the first Layer 2 scaling solution focused on NFT’s. This means that trades and sales on the Kolectiv marketplace incur no gas fees and collectors still enjoy all the security and interoperability of the Ethereum network!

How do I participate?

In order to participate in the pack drop, auctions or secondary market, you will first need to create a Kolectiv account. When signing up for Kolectiv, you will be promoted to enter your Ethereum wallet.

If you don’t have an Ethereum wallet, we suggest using MetaMask, which works as a browser extension and is considered the industry-standard. MetaMask can be downloaded & setup by going here: https://metamask.io/

You may wish to look up a video or guide if you need help setting up MetaMask. Please make sure you’re downloading the extension from https://metamask.io/ as any other link may not be official and could have security risks.

Once you have an Ethereum wallet downloaded & setup, go to https://kolectiv.gg/ and click the “Connect Wallet” button, then “Connect With Wallet.” If you’re using a wallet other than MetaMask, you may choose to connect with that wallet at this point.

A MetaMask window will then pop up prompting you to connect your wallet; click “Sign.”

You should then see two fields on Kolectiv allowing you to choose a Username and enter an Email Address, or you can connect your Epics.GG account if you already have one. If you don’t see a sign prompt check your toolbar in your browser and click on the MetaMask fox-like icon:

Click “Create Your Account” and you’re good to go!

What is the Urban Artists Collection?

The Urban Artists Collection features a collaboration drop with Concept Art House featuring 4 amazing artists. The Urban Artists pack launch will begin on February 3rd with Gabe Gault’s pack and auction. Presale will be at 6 PM UTC and full Release at 7 PM UTC pending packs do not sell out.

The Urban Artists for this collection include Gabe Gault, Bioworkz, Davia King and Couto Bros. Their schedule can be found, below:

How can I collect these NFTs?

NFTs will be available for purchase in blind packs. There will be 1,000 total packs available split between 4 different individual pack drops. Each drop will have 15 packs reserved for partnerships & marketing (60 total).

Each pack will contain one (1) random NFT from the selected artist’s NFTs. You may view which NFT you own only after opening the pack on our Kolectiv website. The cost per pack varies between 0.10 — 0.15 ETH. The mint number of each NFT is determined when the packs are created and not when they are unpacked. If you miss buying packs, individual NFTs and packs can be found for sale by other collectors on the secondary marketplace.

What is the collection breakdown for this set?

The Urban Artist collection will have a total of 17 different NFTs. The subsets of the collection will include Core, Rare & Unique! Each artist created four NFTs with Kolectiv contributing the airdrop collection NFT.

  • Core NFTs — 14 total NFTs including 13 Core in packs & 1 airdrop. Pack Core NFTs will have 75 minted of each. The airdrop mint count will depend on qualified recipients.
  • Rare NFT — 1 NFT featured in the Couto Bros Urban Artist drop with a circulation of 25 minted.
  • Unique NFT — Gabe Gault & Davia King will each have a 1 of 1 Auction NFT which includes the original physical artwork twin for the winner.

How will each Drop be structured?

Each drop will be slightly different, see below drop breakdowns:

Gabe Gault (February 3rd):

  • 225 Packs Minted at 0.10 ETH Store Price
  • Pack: Chances to receive 1 of 3 different Core Gabe Gault NFTs with 75 minted for each
  • Auction: Death Becomes Us — 1 of 1 Auction open for 7 days. 0.5 ETH starting bid with the auction running until February 10th at 7 PM UTC

Bioworkz (February 7th):

  • 300 Packs Minted at 0.10 ETH Store Price
  • Pack: Chances to receive 1 of 4 different Core Bioworkz NFTs with 75 minted for each

Davia King (February 10th):

  • 225 Packs Minted at 0.10 ETH Store Price
  • Pack: Chances to receive 1 of 3 different Davia King NFTs with 75 minted for each
  • Auction: Soul Dance — 1 of 1 Auction open for 7 days. 0.5 ETH starting bid with the auction running until February 17th at 7 PM UTC

Couto Bros (February 14th):

  • 250 Packs Minted at 0.15 ETH Store Price
  • Pack: Chances to receive 1 of 4 different Couto Bros NFTs. 3 different NFTs will have 75 minted for each. 1 NFT will have 25 minted.
  • Rare: Afghanistan — 1 of 25 pack NFT will qualify for a physical scarf based on the NFT artwork.

How long will packs be available to purchase?

Each Urban Artist pack will be available for only 7 days under our store drops page. After that window has closed, any remaining primary packs will be burned. There will be some overlap with multiple Urban Artist packs showing in store.

Can I sell my packs on the market?

You will be able to buy and sell packs on our secondary market at Kolectiv.gg but not on Ethereum Layer 1.

Presale/Whitelist Availability

We will have a presale for collectors who own either a Silver or Gold Founders NFT. These NFTs were obtained through our preorder for the Crypto 2021 collection. Additionally, artist will also extend some whitelist opportunities through their marketing campaigns. There will not be a pack purchase limit for users participating in the presale.

Gold Secondary Market: https://kolectiv.gg/market/167
Silver Secondary Market: https://kolectiv.gg/market/166

Are there Founders rewards in addition to the Whitelist?

Silver Founders will have the same access as Gold Founders in the Whitelisted presale.

Gold Founders will receive an Urban Artist NFT airdrop if they purchase one (1) Urban Artist pack from any of the Urban Artists. Those holding multiple Gold Founders can buy multiple packs receive the corresponding amount of airdrops. Ex: If you have 6 Gold Founders NFTs and purchase 6 Urban Artists packs, you will get 6 total airdrop NFTs

Are there other way to obtain the Urban Artist NFT Airdrop?

There are three ways to obtain this airdrop NFT:

  • Owning a Gold Founders NFT and purchasing any Urban Artist pack from the Kolectiv primary/store. Gold Founder NFTs & purchases are stackable for multiple airdrops
  • Any bid on an Urban Artist auction. Multiple bids are stackable so an airdrop NFT will be awarded for each bid placed
  • Purchases of 5 or more Urban Artist packs for a single Urban Artist from the primary/store. Multiple purchases of 5 packs will qualify for multiple airdrops

How many packs will I be able to purchase?

You are limited to one (1) open order of 5 packs at a time. You can continue to purchase packs as long as they are available. If packs sell out during the presale period to those in the Whitelist, there will be no additional packs minted or sold during the primary sale.

How can I purchase packs?

You can purchase packs by connecting your Kolectiv account with MetaMask and depositing ETH. We currently do not accept fiat payments. If you are having issues with a purchase, please join our Discord and ask the community or ping a staff member for help!

You can download Metamask here: https://metamask.io/



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