Kolectiv Monthly Recap — August 2022

Tarot: Major Arcana Collection Announcement

Kolectiv Artist Series August 2022 — Dominik G.

“Being proactive with opportunities and social media will work wonders for you in this NFT movement. If you show the people you are in for it and also constantly produce work you will have success in the long run. Not only with NFT but also as an artist for other fields.” — Dominik G.

Updated Socials!

Bicycle Update

  • Bicycle is working hard to produce Main Collection decks in September and to begin delivering in October.
  • They’ve added a premium, black case to the deck for Main Collection buyers, in addition to the silver case and yellow tuck case that can be also used as display cases.
  • You will have the opportunity to modify your address in case it has changed since you placed your orders.

Trivia Games Leaderboard



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