Kolectiv Artist Series November 2022 — Skeenee (with a giveaway!)

Let’s be very clear: Skeenee is punk. He embodies everything you know or don’t know about Crypto Art. Skeenee doesn’t have limits, and neither does his art. Pure experimentation and constant curiosity characterize his body of work. Skulls, birds, studies of human figures, animals: all are coming to life through the simple and confident trait of Skeenee’s drawings. But Skeenee is also a master in giving the illusion of life. The artist animates his drawings, his nudes are pixelated. He mixes, fuses, and impregnates the quintessential traditional look with the most advanced technologies. A part of his works looks like studies, preliminary sketches of artworks. And yet, the feeling is not that of unfinished or drafts; instead, of completeness and wholeness. So what are we looking at?

The answer is something new. Something that pushes the boundaries, where art doesn’t have to be on one side and technology on the other anymore. But especially where any means, ideas, tools, or attitude that can contribute to allowing art — and therefore humanity — to evolve is spontaneously and playfully used. Skeenee doesn’t differentiate techniques, styles, or canons; he doesn’t put himself and his art in boxes. The only label he knows is: to expand beyond the limits. His approach to art also reflects his involvement and role within the crypto art community, always fresh and constructive. Always trying to look through a new lens at society, social games, humanity, life. I don’t know who coined the term “self-governance,” but in my mind, if there is someone among us who is the incarnation of it, that is Skeenee. Skeenee, beyond the “self-sovereign.” Say hello to the “self-king.”

— Written by Eleonora Brizi

Stolen from Skeenee’s Twitter
‘The Fool’ from the Kolectiv Tarot collection
Note: Not necessarily the piece to be given away



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