IEM Rio Recap is COMING!

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2 min readDec 20, 2022


Are you ready for the Recap collection from IEM Rio? It’s packed with exciting designs!

Store Content
> Pack Details: 6 Item Pack: Collect the Finalists, Greatest plays, Top Performers and IEM Rio Recap.
> Start Date: Thursday, December 22nd at 5 PM UTC | Bundle Preorder Starts at 4 PM UTC
> End Date: Thursday December 29th at 5 PM UTC or Until Packs Run Out
> Pack Cost: $3.00 / 300 Coins (Coin purchases will be available after preorder ends)
> Packs Available: 5100
> Store Bundle Bonus: Up to 50%!

With Store Bundles, you can secure your packs an hour before release! Get yours early with a huge bonus. Don’t miss out!

> Contender Bundle: $2.99 for 1x pack
> Champion Bundle: $24.99 for 10x packs (20% bonus)!
> MVP Bundle: $99.99 for 50x packs (50% bonus)!

*Price subject to change based on user region.*

Signatures Available

> IEM Rio Recap: Top Performers (A1 — A3)
> IEM Rio Recap: Player of the Decade (A1 — A3)
> IEM Rio Recap: Major Debutant (A1 — A3)
> IEM Rio Recap: Clutch Master (A1 — A3)
> IEM Rio Recap: King of Rio (A1 — A3)

Leaderboard Rewards
Top collectors of the IEM Rio Recap collection on January 5th, 2023 will earn exclusive Tier 3 Legendary cards as leaderboard rewards!

> IEM Rio: Trophy — Top 25 Leaderboard Positions
> IEM Rio: King of Rio — Top 100 Leaderboard Positions (A1 — A3 Signed)

The lower the mint numbers on your cards from the IEM Rio Recap collection, the higher you’ll place on the leaderboards!

Store Pack Odds

With only 5100 total packs minted, collectors can look forward to a variety of different Tier 3 cards, including the #/50 “Player of the Decade”, “Clutch Master”, and “Major Debutant” cards!

IEM Rio Recap: Playoff Players | 65.36%
IEM Rio Recap: Playoff Teams | 8.50%
IEM Rio Recap: Player of the Game | 4.90%
IEM Rio Recap: Stat Check | 6.54%
IEM Rio Recap: Finalists | 5.72%
IEM Rio Recap: Finalists Team | 1.14%
IEM Rio Recap: Greatest Plays | 5.72%
IEM Rio Recap: Top Performers | 1.63%
IEM Rio Recap: Player of the Decade | 0.16%
IEM Rio Recap: Clutch Master | 0.16%
IEM Rio Recap: Major Debutant | 0.16%