IEM Rio Recap has arrived!


The IEM Rio Recap is coming SOON! Here is all the available information on the upcoming drop:

Store Content

  • Pack Details: 2 Item Pack: Featuring IEM Rio: Player Recap, IEM Rio: Team Recap, IEM Rio: Kolex’s Top 10 & if you are lucky the IEM RIo: MVP ZywOo!
  • Start Date: Wednesday, May 10th at 5 PM UTC
  • End Date: Wednesday, May 17th at 5 PM UTC or Until Packs Run Out
  • Packs Available: 5675
  • Packs Cost: $0.75 (With In App Balance)

Price subject to change based on user region.

Pack Allocation Breakdown:
There are 5675 total packs minted. 3111 packs will be available in the store & 2564 packs will be airdropped to current top season collectors & 2022 IEM Major Rio Groups and Recap completionests! Snapshot for airdropped packs was taken on May 4th 2023.

Store Pack Odds:

  • IEM Rio: Kolex’s Top 10 | 44.05%
  • IEM Rio: Team Recap | 39.65%
  • IEM Rio: Player Recap | 15.42%
  • IEM Rio: MVP | 0.88%