IEM Katowice Top Frags is coming!

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4 min readMar 29, 2023


IEM Katowice 2023 made history and had many iconic moments you can now relive and collect! Each Pack includes 3 Top Frags from your favorite players; illustrated and animated in a unique style.

Store Content

  • Pack Details: 3 illustrated and animated frags of the IEM Katowice 2023
  • Drop Date: Tuesday, 4th April at 4 PM (UTC)
  • Drop End: 18th April at 4 PM (UTC)
  • Pack Cost: 14,99 USD
  • Packs Available: 1600 (Packs on sale: 1350, Reserved for activations/rewards: 250)

Store Pack Odds

  • IEM Katowice 2023: Uncommon Moment| 46.88%
  • IEM Katowice 2023: Superior Moment | 32.81%
  • IEM Katowice 2023: Epic Moment | 15.63%
  • IEM Katowice 2023: Legendary Moment | 4.69%

Leaderboard & Reward information

On May 9th at 5 PM UTC, a snapshot of the collectors in the top 100 places of Top Frags Leaderboard will be taken, and collectors will receive receive the following raffle entries based on their leaderboard position. The lower the mint numbers of your Top Frags, the higher you will place on the leaderboard:

  • Top 1 Collector: 20 Leaderboard Entries
  • Top 2–5 Collector: 15 Leaderboard Entries
  • Top 6–10 Collector: 12 Leaderboard Entries
  • Top 11–25 Collector: 8 Leaderboard Entries
  • Top 26–50 Collector: 3 Leaderboard Entries
  • Top 51–100 Collector: 1 Leaderboard Entries Entry

The more raffle entries you get, the higher the chance you have to get the best rewards. The winning ticket in each round will be removed.

Top Frags — IEM Katowice 2023 Collection Completion — Reward card

Those who hold a complete 28/28 Top Frags — IEM Katowice 2023 collection at the time of the snapshot will receive a special Top Frags Katowice legendary team card as a reward. This reward card includes replica signatures of the 3 legendary Katowice moments players (faven, hunter-, YEKINDAR).

The mints on these reward cards were determined by the time of set completion. With this, the first collector to finish a set and was holding a completed set at the time of the snapshot will receive the A1 reward; the second person to complete will receive the A2, etc.

Let’s take a look at the additional rewards!

Insert cards available in the drop

In every pack, get a chance to win one of the following prizes as an additional insert card:

Team jerseys:

  • 1x Navi signed jersey (all players)
  • 1x Heroic signed jersey (all players)
  • 1x G2 signed jersey (all players)
  • 1x Liquid signed jersey (all players)
  • 1x Vitality signed jersey (all players)

High quality fine art poster printings:

  • 5 x Limited high-quality printing of the legendary faven’s Top Frags Poster signed by the player
  • 5 x Limited high-quality printing of the legendary hunter-’s Top Frags Poster signed by the player
  • 5 x Limited high-quality printing of the legendary YEKINDAR’s Top Frags Poster signed by the player

CSGO Skins:

  • AK-47 | Ice Coaled (Factory New) x 5
  • M4A4 | In Living Color (Factory New) x5
  • FAMAS | Meltdown (Factory New) x 5

ESL SHOP (DE, EU, US) — Gift Card:

  • 5 x ESL SHOP — Gift Card 100USD

FACE IT — Subscriptions:

  • 25 x 3 months subscription

Steam signatures — Collectors steam profile signed by:

  • 1x faven
  • 1x hunter-

Additionally, here are the rewards that can be won from the Raffle!

The following exclusive experiences and rare items will be winnable from the Top Frags Moments, which includes IEM Katowice 2023 drop moments:

  • 1 x Remote signing session (including 3 items)
  • 2 x IEM Katowice 2023 Gold Coins — signed by all G2 players
  • 1 x IEM Kato 2nd place winner Heroic — signed camera lens (Clip)
  • 1 x IEM Kato G2 — signed camera lens (Clip)
  • 1 x Katowice Local Hero shirt — signed by all Playoff stage players + zonic
  • 3 x IEM Cologne 2023 — VIP access pass (3 day VIP collectors sky lounge access, backstage tour, meet and greet with players, signing session, VIP goodie bag)
  • 1 x Gaming session with JKS official DHL MVP for Katowice 2023

Team-Shop discounts code — 20% OFF:

Start your collection today and check out the upcoming Top Frags collection HERE!