IEM Katowice Recap is launching!

Kolex Digital Collectibles
2 min readFeb 27, 2024

We’re happy to announce the new Recap collection for IEM Katowice, featuring Win’ems, Standings, Kolex Top 10 and the very special Stand Out Performance & Polands Pride cards!

Store Content

  • Pack Details: 4 Item Pack: Collect Win’ems, Standings & more!
  • Sale Start Date: Wednesday, Februrary 28th at 5 PM UTC
  • Sale End Date: Thursday, March 14th or Until Packs Run Out
  • Packs Minted: 2,195
  • Signatures: Unique A1-A3 Stand Out Performance Cards

Price & Bundles

Balance: $1.99 for 1x pack
Bundle: $9.99 for 5x pack

Price subject to change based on user region.

Pack Odds

  • IEM Katowice Recap: Kolex Top 10 | 43.80%
  • IEM Katowice Recap: Standings | 39.82%
  • IEM Katowice Recap: Win’ems | 14.22%
  • IEM Katowice Recap: Stand Out Performance | 1.14%
  • IEM Katowice Recap: Polands Pride | 0.57%
  • Redeemable: 50,000 | 0.28%
  • Redeemable: 100,000 | 0.11%
  • Redeemable: 500,000 | 0.05%
  • Redeemable: 1,000,000 | 0.01%


For those that own a Katowice Recap 2023 MVP Reward Card or hold a top 10 leaderboard position, you will receive an airdrop for holding it!
The snapshot has been taken, so acquiring a reward card between now and the drop will NOT qualify you for this airdrop
You can see the Airdrop Breakdown structure, below:

  • #1 Leaderboard Holder | 30 packs
  • #2 Leaderboard Holder | 20 packs
  • #3 Leaderboard Holder | 15 packs
  • #4–10 Leaderboard Holder | 10 packs
  • A1-A36 Katowice Recap 2023 MVP Reward Card | 5 packs

If you own multiple reward cards, the aforementioned airdropped packs will stack.
Ex: If you own A10 & A20 Reward Cards, you will receive 10 packs

Participation Reward

For those that open five (5) or more IEM Katowice Recap packs from the primary store, you will receive an IEM Katowice Recap Arena Card airdropped to your account. The mint of your Reward Card will be in order based on amount of packs opened. For example. If you open the most packs, you will receive the A1.

Completion Reward

For those that complete and hold the full IEM Katowice Recap Collection before March 14th, you will receive the IEM Katowice Recap FaZe Finals Return Card. Those with multiple completed sets will receive an additional Reward Card for each completed set. The mint numbers for Finals Return Cards will be based on the leaderboard position for those with complete collections.

The leaderboard snapshot will be taken on March 14th.

For those with multiple sets, their additional sets will not account for leaderboard score. The mint number will be randomly distributed after those with a first completed set.