IEM Katowice Groups are coming!

Kolex Digital Collectibles
2 min readJan 27, 2023

Welcome to the first official drop of the 2023 Kolex Season! Kicking off the year, is the IEM Katowice Groups drop. This year the drop is going to feature a little twist, where you’ll be using these cards for crafting later!

We look forward to kicking off the 2023 Season with this drop, we have exciting plans for the year ahead and can’t wait to share more with you!

Store Content
- Pack Details: 5 Item Pack: Collect the Players, Teams, Ones to Watch, Rookies & Legends for IEM Katowice Groups!
- Start Date: Wednesday, February 1st at 5 PM UTC | Preorder Starts at 4 PM UTC
- End Date: Wednesday, February 8th at 5 PM UTC or Until Packs Run Out
- Pack cost: $0.75 per pack using balance and a bundle will be available.
- Packs available: 18,020

Mobile & Web Bundles will allow you to secure your packs an hour before release! Get yours early and don’t miss out! (Pre-order packs can also be bought with balance directly 1 hour before)
Bundle Price: $14.99 for 25 packs

Price subject to change based on user region.

Store Pack Odds
- IEM Katowice: Ones to Watch | 1.94%
- IEM Katowice: Players | 70.75%
- IEM Katowice: Teams | 12.49%
- IEM Katowice: Team Sticker | 8.32%
- IEM Katowice: Matte Sticker | 0.55%
- IEM Katowice: Holo Sticker | 0.39%
- IEM Katowice: Foil Sticker | 0.28%
- IEM Katowice: Katowice Legends | 1.94%
- IEM Katowice: Katowice Rookies | 3.33%