IEM Chengdu Recap

Kolex Digital Collectibles
2 min readMay 13, 2024

We’re happy to announce the new Recap Collection for IEM Chengdu, featuring Moments, Winners, MVPs and the Faze Trophy Lift cards!

Collect the Moments from the IEM Chengdu Recap Spinner Collection and save your dupes for crafting!

Spinner Content

  • 🔹 Start Date: Tuesday, May 14nd at 5 PM UTC
  • 🔹 End Date: Tuesday, May 28th at 17:00 UTC, or until cards run out.
  • 🔹 Spin Cost: 1,000 Silver

New Spinner Cards

IEM Chengdu Recap: Moments

  • 🔹 Spinner Chance: 10%
  • 🔹 Cards Available: 10 Moments Cards
  • 🔹 1000 Cards per Moment

Crafting Content

Collectors will be able to craft their IEM Chengdu Moments cards into the Chengdu Winners & MVP Cards beginning on May 21st. Let’s take a look at the new craftable cards:

IEM Chengdu Winners and MVPs (Tier 3)

  • 🔹 Chengdu Winners: 150 Cards Per Player
  • 🔹 Chengdu Team Winner: 150 Cards
  • 🔸 Chengdu MVP: 100 Cards


  • 🔹 15,000 Silver
  • 🔹 5 Moments cards

Crafting Chance:

  • 🔹 Player Winner: 75%
  • 🔹 Player Team: 15%
  • 🔸 MVP: 10%

New Collection Completion Reward Card

IEM Chengdu Recap: Trophy Lift Team Card

🔹 The snapshot for the IEM Chengdu Recap collection will be taken on May 28th. At the time of the snapshot, collectors with a complete collection will qualify to receive the IEM Chengdu Recap: Trophy Lift Team Card via an airdrop.

🔹 Your mint reward mint number will be based on your leaderboard position from the snapshot