Hyperbeast 2022

Whats up collectors! It’s time for our 2022 Hyperbeast Collection!

This long standing colleciton has been apart of Kolex History since our founding season. To celebrate, we have decided to reward those that have kept ahold of these presigious sets over the years. On Monday, November 21st at 7:00 PM UTC a snapshot was taken to determine the holders of previous completed Hyperbeast sets. Collectors will be airdropped packs based on this snapshot on Monday, November 28th. The below shows the rewards for each completed requirements:

  • Hyperbeast Founders Completion | 5 Packs

The Remaining Packs will go on sale to Collectors on Tuesday, November 29th at 4 PM UTC a pack limit of 100 packs will be enforced to allow collectors to take part.

Store Content

  • Pack Details: 4 Item Pack: of The 2022 Hyperbeast Collection.

Pack Odds:

  • Hyperbeast: Players | 82.35% | 200 Circulation

With Store Bundles, you can secure your packs an hour before release! Get yours early with a huge bonus. Don’t miss out!

  • 1 Pack Hyperbeast Bundle: $1.99 for 1x pack

Leaderboard Rewards

Top collectors of the Hyperbeast 2022 collection on December 22nd at 17:00 UTC will earn a exclusive Tier 3 Legendary card as a leaderboard reward!

Zywoo Hyperbeast Art Card — Top 25 Leaderboard Positions. (A1 to A10 feature replica sigs)

The lower the mint numbers on your cards from the Hyperbeast 2022 collection, the higher you’ll place on the leaderboards!



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