Here’s What You Need to Know About Kolex

We are proud to share with you that Epics will be re-branding to Kolex Trading Cards!

Our company and our mission has grown significantly since we started back in 2017. We’ve launched new brands and will be bringing even more products to market over the coming year. We feel that updating our identity will help us reflect this growth.

We want to provide a couple of baseline points to address a few questions you may have leading up to this milestone:

Q: What is Kolex?
A: The Kolex platform will be the umbrella brand for all projects our team is working on. This includes Kolex Trading Cards (previously Epics), Kolectiv & Cryptees.

Q: When will the rebrand happen?

A: The rebrand will begin in February 2022. It will take multiple months to rollout the new brand, domain and other changes required. Our goal is to fully move to the new brand within six months.

Q: Why the rebrand?

A: At the start of our journey, our primary goal was to create epic collectibles for the esports scenes and influencers. Over the years whilst global technology has advanced in ways beyond what we had originally anticipated, we have grown with it. As we expand as a company into new and exciting product areas we are still, at our hearts, a collectibles company. As such, we took the decision to rebrand our primary name, from Epics to Kolex, which more suitably encapsulates our core company message across all and any product areas in the future.

Q: What happens to physical products? Past, present and future.

A: All physical products produced before or during 2021, including remaining inventory, will remain with the Epics branding. All future physical products excluding 2022 hybrid signature series, will feature the rebrand.

Q: What happens to digital products? Past, present and future.

A: All Epics cards created before the launch of the rebrand will remain under the Epics brand. All future digital products will have the Epics branding replaced by the Kolex brand.

Q: Will this impact anything from a teams/contract perspective?

A: No, all current active contracts with teams and partners remain unchanged. The rebrand enables us to further expand with additional partners excited with the direction of the company.

Q: Can merch be purchased for the new brand?

A: We will be working on a set of merch for the new Kolex brand which will be sold on Our focus will be high quality and well designed product lines our community can be excited about. We will not be restocking the limited edition Epics VaultX branded binders

We want to close by saying thank you. Without our amazing community, we couldn’t have built and shared this platform with at such a large scale. Without you, we would not be recognized as the leading esports collectibles company!

The Epics Team



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