Cryptees FAQ

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4 min readMar 15, 2023

What are Cryptees?

Cryptees are wearable art. Every Cryptee comes with an integrated tag that can be scanned with our companion Mobile App to prove its authenticity and rarity. They are limited edition hybrid collectibles.

What are Hybrid Collectibles?

Hybrid collectibles are collectibles that exist in both the physical and the digital world. Each Cryptee exists as a unique digital token and its physical, wearable twin. You will be able to flex your Cryptee in both worlds. Ask Lewis for details on how to flex respectfully.

So, What am I Buying?

You are buying a Blockchain verified unique digital token as the key to start your journey. Once acquired, your digital token will allow you to claim your physical twin, the one you can wear, scan, and flex IRL. You remember IRL, right? PSA: Wear sunscreen.

Digital Tokens, What about the Environment?

We mint on ImmutableX, a 100% carbon neutral Ethereum Layer 2 platform. Each physical order is produced on demand to avoid any wastage.

Are Cryptees T-Shirts?

Cryptees come in many forms. As we continue to partner with artists, designers, and brands, our wearables may come as T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sneakers, Hats, and more. The product image will showcase what wearable you are purchasing. Our Marketing wizards are working hard to convince owners to make cloaks happen. But don’t hold your breath.

What About Utility?

Wear art.

Represent the artist, designer, or brand.

Own a rare collectable.

Receive a digital certificate of authenticity.

Show your Cryptees off digitally and physically.

What Else Can You Hope For?

Each collaboration is unique and your digital token may unlock different benefits, such as a downloadable 3D model to show off in the digital world, a digital copy of the artwork, or other surprises. We love surprises. Available unlocks will be listed on the drop page, so keep an eye out to make sure you understand what you are getting.

How are Cryptees Unique Collectibles?

Cryptees drop in limited editions. After the drop, it is gone forever, making it rare and valuable. Each Cryptee comes with a digital token that acts as a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its rarity (and it is worth repeating)…authenticity. A unique mint number is assigned to each Cryptee, making it even more special. With our app, you can scan your Cryptee to authenticate it and prove your ownership of a one-of-a-kind piece.

How Can I Buy Cryptees?

Go to, connect your wallet, buy a token. In order to ensure a smooth experience, you need to make sure your wallet holds the required amount of ETH before trying to make a purchase. If you don’t know what a wallet is or how you deposit ETH to it, you can check out this guide by GaryVee. We could write our own guides, but Gary did it. You can of course hit us up on Discord, too.

How do I Claim My Physical Twin?

After buying your digital token, you will be able to claim it on Monday. You have four weeks to redeem your token to claim your physical twin. Our redemption process will ask for your size and shipping details. Your token will be exchanged for an updated version that clearly states it has been redeemed.

Where are Cryptees Shipped From? What About Shipping and Taxes?

The drop page for each Cryptee will provide you with additional information. If a Cryptee is shipped from the US, you will know. During the redemption process, you will have to pay for shipping. Please be aware that depending on your location, you will have to pay import taxes as Cryptees are unfortunately not protected by diplomatic shipping immunity.

When will I get my shirt?

All shirts are made to order for you and/or your chosen people. Once the four two week redemption window closes, our on-demand production partner will start their work to bring each Cryptee to life and to connect it to your digital token. You can expect shipping to start 10–20 business days after the beginning of production. Depending on edition size, the expected delivery date may vary. We will keep you informed with Emails when

  1. your order is received,
  2. your order is produced,
  3. your order has been shipped.

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I Ordered The Wrong Size, What Now?

Every physical twin is made to order. You heard that correctly. Your wearable art is made for you. Just you and nobody else, unless you bought it for someone else, in which case it’s ALSO made just for them…and only them. We recommend having a close look at our sizing guide as we will not be able to replace your Cryptee with a different size. Made to order means made to order.

What Happens If I Don’t Claim My Physical Shirt?

Bad news: If you don’t redeem your token, you will not receive your physical twin. You can wear your art digitally but you’re stuck with way less cool and comfy department store wearables until the next Cryptees drop. If you’re the kind of person who remembers and regrets things you’ve said and done from 5–10 years ago at 4am, this will absolutely fall under that category of life regrets.

What If I Buy or Sell My Cryptees After the Redemption Period?

You may buy or sell your digital token after the trading window. Ownership of the token and the access to unlocked benefits will transfer. The physical twin will not. You will not be able to claim the physical twin from redeemed tokens. Read the above answer to be briefly reminded about life regrets and mistakes we can’t fix. Only buy them if you understand what you are doing.

Can I Machine-Wash it?

The NFC tag is laundry safe and your physical twin will come with care instructions. If a T-Shirt asks you to treat it extremely carefully, we recommend you listen to it. Pro Tip: When your mom told you to separate your delicates and wash in color blocks, she meant it. Moms are smart. Listen to mothers.