BIG Clan Art Collection drops SOON!

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1 min readJan 9, 2023

BIG Clan Art Collection

This is a paid drop only, you can purchase the bundle for this content in the bundle store. Each pack contains all 6 different BIG Clan Art Cards and has a chance at 1 of 50 Circ “Old Guard” and a 1 of 1 Jumbo Redeemable. Mint numbers will be randomly distributed in packs.

The Content

Pack contents: 6 Card pack including each player and team card from the BIG Clan Art Collection
Start Date: 12th January, 16:00 UTC
End Date: 19th January 17:00 UTC
Pack Cost: $14.99
Packs available: 500

Bundle price can vary on the mobile app depending on the user location

Signatures Available

A1 — A3 BIG Clan Art: Team (Replica)
A1 — A3 BIG Clan Art: Players
A1 — A3 BIG Clan Art: Old Guard

Cards Available

BIG Clan Art: Team
BIG Clan Art: Players K1to
BIG Clan Art: Players Krimbo
BIG Clan Art: Players syrsoN
BIG Clan Art: Players tabseN
BIG Clan Art: Players S1n
BIG Clan Art: Old Guard (Inserted Into 50 packs as a 7th Card)
BIG Clan Art: BIG Clan Jumbo (Inserted Into 1 pack as a 7th Card)