Bicycle Main Collection 8008 NFT & Playing Card Deck

Kolex Digital Collectibles
4 min readDec 22, 2021

Hello Collectors,

We are excited to announce the Bicycle Main Collection 8008 NFT & playing card deck is now available for purchase! Below are some frequently asked questions we would like to share with collectors regarding their purchases:

Q: How do I buy an 8008 deck of playing cards?
A: You can buy the physical playing cards at:

Q: Do I get an NFT with my purchase?
A: Yes, each Bicycle Main Collection 8008 purchase will require you to enter a Kolectiv username to obtain the digital Bicycle Main Collection 8008 NFT in addition to the physical playing card deck. Please also be on the lookout for the Unique Collection 1 of 1 NFTs that may drop instead of the 8008 NFT! These will be one of kind digital + physical items of a Two — Nine Playing Card from the 8008 Collection.

Q: When do I receive the 8008 NFT?
A: Upon completing your transaction in Shopify, you will immediately be credited the NFT on Kolectiv found here: (It can sometimes take a few minutes if the site is busy).

Q: What happens if I purchase a Bicycle Main Collection 8008 NFT & playing card deck without a Kolectiv username.
A: Shopify will require a Kolectiv username. If the Kolectiv username exists — that user will automatically receive the NFT even if you do not have ownership of that account. If the typed username is invalid — customer will have up to 30 days post purchase to email us a valid username to receive the NFT. Contact email:

Q: What is the return/refund policy for a purchase of Bicycle Main Collection 8008 NFT & playing card deck?
A: All Bicycle purchases are final. We are unable to accept refunds or returns for any purchase. Chargebacks will result in an account ban and physical product cancelation.

Q: Are all Bicycle Main Collection 8008 NFTs the same?
A: Each NFT has its own mint number starting with 1/8008 & ending with 8008/8008. Upon purchase you will receive a random mint NFT of this range. In addition to the mint, the lower the mint (closer to 1/8008) the more leaderboard points the NFT awards on the Kolectiv platform.

Q: How do I see my NFT in my wallet? Can I sell it on Opensea?
A: All Bicycle’s NFTs have been minted on ImmutableX — a new generation Layer 2 rollup on the Ethereum Blockchain — which is 100% Carbon-Neutral and provides trades with no expensive gas fees. If you want to move it to your wallet or other Layer 1 platform, you can choose to pay gas fees to move the item directly to your wallet.

Q: What is the price for the Bicycle Main Collection 8008 NFT and playing card deck
A: The price for this drop is .08 ETH/EA. Through Shopify we have FIAT as the default payment method. With the varying price of Ethereum, the current price of packs is $299

Q: Are all Bicycle Main Collection 8008 NFT and playing card decks available for customer purchase through Shopify?
A: 1,500 of packs will be reserved for various marketing campaigns and Bicycle events. These will include Kolectiv Giveaways, Bicycle Sweepstakes, Content Creator gifts, etc.

Q: When will the physical deck ship?
A: The physical deck will ship in 6 months or sooner. Timeline will be determined based on possible sellout/demand. Bicycle will only print as many as are reserved/sold.

Q: I don’t want to pay FIAT, can I pay in crypto?
A: Shopify offers Coinbase Commerce for payments. This will enable users to purchase with BTC, ETH, Litecoin, Doge, USDC & DAI.

Q: I am a Kolectiv Gold Founders owner and bid on a Bicycle Auction. When will I receive my Bicycle Main Collection 8008 NFT and playing card deck?
A: Those who own a Gold Founders NFT and Bid on a Bicycle Auction here: will receive their 8008 NFT in January 2022 with the physical deck shipping with all other orders. You will need to email to confirm your purchase (verify wallet ownership) and provide details to ship to.

Q: When making a purchase, are there terms and conditions I am agreeing to?
YES! NFT License Agreement “Epics Digital Collectibles, Inc. (the parent company of Kolectiv) may share my personal data with The United States Playing Card Company (“USPC”) so that USPC may contact me to send me my physical deck and for marketing purposes. This may include contacting me about future Bicycle NFT events, presales, whitelists and similar promotions. Visit Privacy Policy — Bicycle® Playing Cards | Bicycle Playing Cards ( for information on USPC’s privacy policy.”